With the aim of helping to improve the quality of works and introducing books suitable for children and adolescents, and also supporting the creators of this field, the Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Centre awards prizes selected books of the month and year based on Islamic, Iranian and indigenous values. These awards include Silver Bird (Favourite Books of the Month) and Golden Bird (Favourite Books of the Year), which are awarded to creators and publishers by a jury. The Silver Bird Award is given each month to only one writer or poet or translator, and to each publisher in each section at the end of each stage.

Book of the Month Award includes: Silver Bird Badge, statue, plaque and cash prize, and Book of the Year Award includes: Golden Bird Badge, statue, commendation plaque and cash prize.

The books that have succeeded in receiving the Silver bird and the Golden Bird are included in the shopping list of the cultural and artistic centres and are announced as the list of suitable books in each category.

Accordingly, the Book Award Secretariat invites creators and publishers in the field of children and adolescents to submit their books to the Secretariat in accordance with the regulations of the Bird Award.

Introduction to Kanoon Book and the Month Award:

Prizes: Bird's badge, commendation plaque, cash prize and book purchasing points for the libraries of the Children and Adolescents' Intellectual Development Centre


1- Helping to improve the quality of children and adolescent books

2- Supporting poets, writers, translators, illustrators and publishers

3- Identifying and ranking valuable works and introducing them to the audience

4- Attracting public attention to the subject of books and reading

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