Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Centre


The Centre for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents was established in January 1954 and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, its supervision was entrusted to the Ministry of Education.

Creating the necessary facilities for the intellectual abilities and development of children and adolescents and helping them to develop their talents in their spare time is the main goal of the centr

:Missions of the centre

Establishment of book supply centres and cultural, artistic and literary education for children and adolescents in the country

Preparation and use of audio-visual equipment, provision of educational equipment, production, distribution, screening and sale of movies and production of theatre for children and adolescents

Contribute to the development and promotion of children's literature by encouraging and collaborating with writers, designers, artists and publishers

Holding literary, artistic and cultural festivals and exhibitions for children and adolescents

Production of entertainment, toys, computer games, dolls, etc.

Establish mobile book delivery units to deliver books to children in rural areas

Cooperation with Iranian and non-Iranian institutions that have common goals with the centre.

Cultural and artistic activities of the Centre for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents

 Cultural and artistic centres (libraries)

The first library of Kanoon was established in 1344 in Laleh Park, Tehran. The instructors of these centres provide easy access to resources for the audience to borrow books and present more than 40 activities in three categories of cultural, artistic and literary activities.


Book reading, poetry reading, storytelling, puppet shows, anthems, film screenings, painting, pottery, pasting, free conversations and introductions (character, land, jobs) ... are among them.

Cultural centres carry out activities suitable for the age group of 6-18 years under the title of children and adolescents.


 Fixed Cultural and Artistic Centres: In these centres, in addition to providing library services such as the possibility of reading and lending books, cultural, artistic and literary side activities are also offered to children and adolescents aged 6-18.


 Inclusive libraries: With the change of use of some centres, the possibility of the presence of blind, visually impaired, deaf, children with special needs along with other members of the centre has been provided. These centres operate as "inclusive" centres.


Rural and urban mobile cultural centres: are centres where the instructor with a car and books and related cultural facilities, refers to rural areas and in cities to low-income areas.


 Postal Cultural Centres: It is another service of this organization, in which the book lending plan is done by the post office library instructors in the country. In addition to sending books, these educators also answer cultural, scientific, literary, etc. questions of children.


Cultural complexes and centres

With the expansion of the centres’ activities, "large cultural and artistic complexes" were set up in most cities.

Usually, the complexes are also the location of the executive headquarters of the province, considering the facilities such as amphitheatre and conference halls, exhibition halls for festivals, conferences, children's bazaars, creative art workshops, etc. These centres provide various services to the members, educators and the staff of the centres.

Museum National Museum of Children's Art and Literature

Centre for Art Experiences and New Ideas: Achieving new artistic methods in activities and prototyping products within the framework of the goals and programs is also done by this centre.

Reference library

The reference library of the centre is the most important specialized library in the field of "education", "art",  and "children's literature" which has a valuable selection of "books" and "publications for children and adolescents" in 25 languages ​​of the world.

Iran language institute

The most important and extensive educational activity of the centre for the audience takes place in the language centre. The Iranian Language Centre (formerly the Iranian-American Cultural Association) has been operating in Tehran since 1304, and after the Islamic Revolution and since 1979, this educational institution has continued its activities under the supervision of the Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Centre with the aim of teaching foreign languages.

About one million children, adolescents and adults across the country are learning English, Arabic, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

However, all the mentioned activities have extensive research support, which is important in the research section of the centre. Research in the field of products and activities of the centre, training of specialized staff and keeping educators, experts and managers up to date to provide better services is part of the tasks of the research unit.

Production activities

The centre works in the field of producing content suitable for children and adolescents in various fields

Book publishing, production of thousands  minutes of short live documentary and animated films, production of dozens of music tapes, puppet shows, creative and toy entertainment, and computer training software are among them


In more than 2 years of its activity, Kanoon Publications has published 2701 books up to 1398 in different languages, film books, ‌ illustrations, electronics, Braille, numerous religious, historical, literary and ... collections and publications.

The production of three sets of Iranian-Islamic offices is another activity that has been done in recent years and so far more than 150 titles of software have entered the publishing market.

Over the years, Kanoon Publications has won numerous awards at national and international festivals at book fairs in UNESCO, Bologna, Bratislava and the Biennial Book Illustration Award of Japan (NOMA), the Munich Library, and rankings such as the introduction of twelve periods as the top publisher of the year in the Tehran International Book Fair, the book of the year of the Islamic Republic, etc.


Kanoon Cinema Affairs was founded in 1348 and so far more than 440 films have been made in Kanoon. In addition to producing short, semi-feature, feature and animated films, the centre examines the submitted screenplays and selects the best works for production.

A large number of awards and a significant part of the centre’s success in the national and international arenas are due to its cinematic activities. For the animated film "Shangol and Mongol" is one of the productions.

Music production for children, teenagers and adults is another production activity of the centre over the years.

Theatre and Puppet Theatre Production Centre

Kanoon Theatre and Puppet Theatre Centre started operating in 1350 and uses puppet, stage and combination methods to produce plays for children and adolescents. Performing theatre in rural areas is one of the significant activities of this centre. It has been established since the beginning to provide theatre for children and teenagers in different parts of the country. So far, about 281 theatre titles have been produced for them.

Kanoon Mobile Theatre Trailer is a mobile theatre that goes from village to village in deprived areas across the country and performs plays with different artists and theatre groups in different villages.

Constructive entertainment

Constructive Entertainment Centre was established in 1982 to design and produce intellectual, artistic and cultural entertainment in the centre. Designing, manufacturing and producing all kinds of toys, entertainment, educational software and computer games, three generations of Dara and Sara dolls and local dolls can be seen in the activities of this centre. Some of Kanoon's computer games have won awards at various festivals.

Business activities

By setting up stores and product sales agencies in different cities, Kanoon offers its products to the audience, including books, toys, computer games, cinema works, stationery, and so on.

Representing the owners of centres for the supply of cultural products related to children and adolescents, cooperating with publishers and illegal producers to sell their products in the stores of the centre. Participating in national and international exhibitions is another part of the centre’s activities.

Children and adolescents, various organizations and centres, through the subscription mechanism and without visiting the stores in person, use the books of the centre based on the required age groups.

Festivals, exhibitions and programs of the centre

Organizing festivals, exhibitions and programs of the centre, national and international is one of the most important activities of the centre that welcomes millions of children and adolescents, activists in the fields of culture, art and literature and the general public throughout the country every year.

Holding Tehran International Animation Festivals, storytelling, as well as holding various cultural, literary and artistic festivals such as; Poetry, stories, hymns, games, etc. are other activities of the centre during the year. Tehran International Children's Painting Exhibition and Competition, national festivals and programs of the Fajr, World Children's Day and National Week, books, photos, festivals and toy exhibitions, and focal festivals such as puppet shows, research, etc. Are programs.


 Mehrvareh is a word chosen by the Centre for Intellectual Development for the title of some non-competitive events for children and adolescents

International activities of the centre

International Assemblies under the auspices of the Association; "Stage" and "SIFEG 2"

Send the centre’s products to participate in foreign competitions and festivals

2: "The Centre is the representative of the International Film Organization for Children and Adolescents (SIFEG) of the International Organization of Assistance (ASSITEJ) in Iran."

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